Our Company

At Provision Research and events we are dedicated to help our clients achieve their goals by providing world class business intelligence services and strategic information through conferences and training courses to assist in effective decision making. Our conferences and training events also attracts international employees as well as renown speakers due to the high level of information, cutting edge strategies and networking opportunities.


We provide companies and organisations with total training and strategic business solutions where our seminars are practical and interactive allowing you to fully maximise in individual and group discussions.With carefully researched topics and speakers, we will continue to empowered and skill employees by keeping them abreast with developing trends and the insights to compete with companies, local and international.   

Vision Statement

Our conferences and events are off the highest quality which is designed to provide key strategic business information, best practices and networking opportunities with key industry decision makers across a wide range of industries.

Our aim is to provide companies and people with the latest information and strategic insights to gain a competitive advantage in this competitive market.

We are Broad Based Level 1

Founded by an Indian female who employs females as a course to empower and develop black women. We have successfully trained and developed many black females employees who has become very successful in the corporate world after their employment at Provision Research and Events. The company is associated with excellence, and has become one of South Africa’s foremost business information companies. The company produces over 20 leading business and economic conferences, attracting more than 5000 delegates and 300 speakers locally and internationally.

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