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Get professional training by a Neuroscientist and get ahead in life. It is truly the golden age of neuroscience. Advances in technology are ushering in opportunities beyond our wildest dreams, enabling us to trace the connections between brain regions, probe brain function with light, and connect genes with cell- and systems-wide neural processes. Progress is being made at a dazzling speed, and neuroscience is in the limelight thanks to research experts around the world.

All courses below include a psychometric test to ground where the individual is currently and identify personal strengths. They also determine immediate points for urgent intervention. These assessments determine potential for long lasting growth and cut a clear career path for goal achievement. The individual is measured against benchmarks or the results may provide a benchmark from which others can learn.

The workshops also include personal coaching and counselling to ensure results beyond the ‘wonder’ experience of an intensive workshop.  Behaviour needs to be sustained. All courses are underscored by neuroscience or the understanding of how the brain works in different environments for different outcomes.

Business neuroscience is an easy to understand formula in the hands of a professional to help us get more explicit about every day business experiences. It provides a whole new language for how interact, influence others and bring about lasting growth and change.

Your workshop facilitator has more than 30 years experience working in 19 countries across 4 continents.  More than 70 000 people have attended her workshops or presentations.

Assertiveness skills training

Acceptance of dependence habits and being non-assertive in life can have far reaching consequences on personal wealth generation, survival, job security, job satisfaction and performance.  Assertiveness requires change of attitude. It also brings about change in the brain, body language, how we perceive the world and how we behave physically when in the presence of others. With neuroscience this has become an art and a science. This course assesses the triggers that prompt poor assertiveness and provides solutions for change.

Socratesian ten minute coaching

Two hour coaching sessions have been proven not to work because the brain has only a few minutes to absorb critical information with successful application. Denise Bjorkman, who brought coaching into South African in the eighties, founded the SA Council of Professional Coaches and Mentors. As a neuroscience scholar she has been able to reverse impractical coaching methods with the introduction of ten minute Socratesian coaching for lasting results: behaviour, understanding, ownership, personality and performance.  The methodology which has stood the test of time is now confirmed through scientific peer reviewed studies.

Neuro communications skills

This workshop helps individuals to communicate effectively with all stakeholders to get results, meaningful engagement, and understanding and desired outcomes.  How the voice should and could be used is part of the training.  Learn how to use voice neutral approaches to bypass individual voice difficulties. Be understood with little effort.  Improve communication in social media, e mails, written and verbal reports and in interpersonal encounters.

Neuro EQ excellence

How to understand and acquire excellent EQ skills to give breadth and depth to your daily performance: work, socially and at home.  Double the value of key relationships, earn greater respect. Learn the inner workings of the brain and body that contribute to total life satisfaction in which high level collaboration and goals are achieved. Do not accept mediocre change in your EQ style when you can make dramatic leaps in your understanding and responses to your people environment. This workshop builds on old understanding of EQ but it also provides fresh insights obtained through the use of pioneering neuro-technology.

Motivation skills training

This workshop covers the neuroscience of self motivation. It includes how to keep yourself focussed, on the ball and driven to get results for yourself and your workplace. With daily challenges, financial and social pressures it is often hard to sustain personal motivation. Getting up with purpose and seeing meaning in a day’s work is a key to personal success. This requires managing people and the environment while staying focused. The workshop invites new perspectives and injects new energy into delegates who want to achieve. Your reputation and effectiveness as an individual in life may depend on it.  Mobilising internal resources (body and mind) is the key.

Mastering business writing

This workshop covers how to write effectively to all stakeholders.  This workshop will change your approach to writing so that you have greater influence, credibility and impact.  Business writing applies in research, reports, letters and day to day communication. The methodology is scientifically proven.

The neuroscience of the customer experience and customer care

The workshops show how to ensure that all touchpoints meet the needs and expectations of new age customers and millennials who know what they want. Keep your share of the market while making greater market penetration for additional clients who seek change and need direction.

Creative thinking master class

We live in an age of innovation and disruption industries which have changed the paradigm of survival and market penetration. How to become more creative and innovative in your thinking and work is needed as a competence.  Go beyond expectations and discover the breadth and depth your brain has to offer. Apply your new creativity to problem solving and adding more meaning to your life.

The neuroscience of time management

Learn how to re prioritize and re-programme your brain: discover new habits and pathways, giving you more time, higher productivity and greater energy to devote to elements that enhance your growth.  You can do much more with less stress. It means exchanging old habits for new ones and using technology wisely.

Women in Management Master Class

All leaders are managers but not all managers are leaders. Both are required to gain effective results in companies with high performance standards and little wiggle room for failure.  Go beyond the traditional same-old elements of management classes and discover the intricacies of people management and the brain which could change your career path. Learn from global and local role models.

Brain based management skills master class

Learn the intricacies of human behaviour, what drives it towards positive and high performance and how to engage with the process.  This workshop is for both genders (and run separately) to provide new insights into the brain while using rare technology. It provides easier formulas for getting results.

Neuro brain based leadership Master class

The new workplace is where effective leaders understand the social nature of the high performance workplace. The new leader understands that the human brain is a social organ. Its reactions are shaped by social interactions. Leaders need to understand brain dynamics in the millennium. This helps to be more effective in championing company interests. Engage with employees’ best talents, build collaborative teams and create an environment that fosters productive change. The ability to address the social brain within us is what will distinguish leadership capability in the future. Understand individual motivations, the need for elusive status, threats and rewards. Threats can be mentally and physically taxing to the productivity of the person.  Eliminate barriers for growth and improve efficiency and effectiveness. Learn how to promote key elements such as individual status in less costly ways.

Brain based decision making

Every day we make hundreds of decisions. Until Nobel Prize Laureate Daniel Kahneman identified 90 different ways in which we make poor decisions, decision making competency did not move forward favourably. Today, we can dramatically change the way we manage our work and social lives. We can gain an understanding of the brain, personality types and how we are hard wired to make certain types of decisions.  We are after all, expected to reliably make good decisions by our superiors. Training in the seven steps of outcomes based decision making can influence not only our performance but our credibility.  Steps such as planning, information gathering and rapid integration of all facts influence good decision making. And then there are the emotions and personal drivers that need to be managed too. A structured approach achieves all the above.

The neuroscience of customized presentation skills

Learn customized presentation skills that you can use in any environment to not only get what you want but also add value to the lives of others.   18 years of training under the tutelage of doyenne Norah Taylor and Harvard Professor Martin Nasser has given me unique insights into all industrial sectors. I have presented this course to more than 30 000 people worldwide.

Brain based executive assistant master class

This provides insights and skills – how to raise the bar on your performance as an executive assistant. Improve your knowledge of the broader business environment and how to tap into key resources. Learn how to read personalities and behaviours, build better relationships with stakeholders that take you to a new level of negotiation, interaction and control.  Open up avenues for new careers and increased earnings.

Brain based small team building

Small teams have greater responsibility in their contributions to outcomes both as individuals and as a collective group.  Engagement and collaboration is high on the agenda as is trust, focus, organisation, common values and drive. Learn what drives small team performance and bring about lasting commitment with a shared belief about goals and project worthiness.

Super study and memory skills

This enables skills – how to take proven steps to improve your ability to study effectively while fulfilling a demanding work day.   To advance your career additional study may be essential. How to approach an environment which could require high pressure from syndicate members while writing assignments and a thesis can be a great challenge if you don’t know the short cut rules. The brain is directed by a simple formula. Once you are able to apply this you can successfully negotiate a day which includes work, study add family/social life.

The neuroscience of negotiation for women

Every day every year we get what we negotiate not what we deserve.  Effective negotiation should become an unconscious process – a competency.  Learn the inner workings of a good negotiation and how to take ownership of the process in which you work for favourable outcomes on work related issues. Women are employed for what they can do and men for their potential.  Women earn 30% less than their male counterparts for equal positions. We can no longer blame men.  The way we negotiate affects our security and our futures.

Neuro marketing and sales

Understanding how the customer’s brain works, how your customer makes buying or loyalty decisions is essential for market share.  Learn how four processes govern attention to your advertising, copy design and sales pitch.  How to retain the customer’s loyalty, interest and belief in the quality you offer is paramount. This workshop provides insights into the brains function and shows you how to alter your approach. Content is derived from leading business schools in Europe and the USA.

Corruption and deviance in the workplace

How to identify, track, anticipate and prevent deviance in the workplace. This includes lies at exit interviews, lies about illness, petty theft, to theft of IP and other items in the workplace that compromise reputation, company survival or effectiveness.  I have worked in the field for 40 years and I am an authority on body language and lie-detection. Drive greater unity of purpose and loyalty in the organisation where deviance is not an option. I have worked on major criminal trials globally.

Body language master class

Remove the pop psychology and pseudoscience from your personal and work vocabulary. No crossing your arms means little more than you have crossed your arms. Learn the current neuro science behind body language. Learn how to project with authority, earning respect and high performance from your direct reports. Learn how to read key elements that are necessary for early intervention and better decision making without just being a spectator who is unable to transfer the skill (the multi tasking of observation and application can and does cause failure).

Neuro-Sales to optimise your ROI

How to keep yourself motivated and positive in an environment where rejection is high and performance outcomes are non-negotiable.  Give yourself new powers by understanding how the brain of your prospect works and unconscious give-aways. Staying positive is no longer an art form only it is a science called positive sales psychology. This new scientific field changes the nature of client relationships.

Managing and driving individual inclusion and diversity

Neuroscience research has taught us that managing and celebrating diversity can cause greater rejection of individuals who are seen as ‘other’, ‘not one of us and different.  This has caused diversity focused training programmes to fail globally. The new paradigm celebrates acknowledgement of the uniqueness of the individual and what she/he brings to the table. It creates a strong inclusive environment in which working towards common goals with drive, purpose and meaning become dominant and the norm.

Understanding and managing stress

A two or three day workshop of changing behaviour, lifestyles, attitudes and coping mechanisms. Get a grip on life. The workplace is being downsized and restructured placing greater stress on employees to deliver beyond the call of duty leading to often burning the midnight oil. Excessive and continually increasing levels of work can contribute to marriage break ups, ill health and feelings of emotional stress.  Coping mechanisms are absent or challenged in rapidly changing environments. This workshop focuses on providing effective coping skills for episodic work and non work related stress and chronic work and no work related stress. Learn about the ‘Blue Zone’s where health and longevity is guaranteed because of new discoveries.  Learn an essential mental health component: how to adapt and be resilient in response to different environments. Learn to respond and not react.

Psychometric benchmarking assessments

Would you like to clone your top performer? A battery of tests provides a benchmark:  insights into the qualities of your leading performers in order for you to re engage with skill sets for better outcomes for the rest of your staff.  You will then be able to change individual growth and career paths for specific jobs building on strengths and essentials.

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Who is NBI?

NBI is a pioneering Institute which can help to improve your organization’s brand, and grow the thinking and innovative practices of your personnel. That means greater profit, market penetration, greater insight into the minds and potential of your staff coupled to their satisfaction. They are then geared to unite with common drive and loyalty to support your vision.

What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is a science field which grew generously from combined studies of psychology, engineering, economics, medicine, sociology and biology. The human brain has food, survival and sexual rewards at its core. Thanks to the seminal studies of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Twersky amongst others, we have discovered that the latter rewards translate easily into the business world.  It has been shown to drive decision making, risk taking, consumer psychology, strategic thinking and the growth of major industries.

Individuals in business seek to understand their own thinking blueprints, successes and failures, patterns of behaviour and personal mindset. Understand neuro-economics and the herding behaviour that drives the pursuit of financial rewards as well as shareholder behaviour of listed companies. Discover how the design of your office curbs creative thought. Discover why some leaders have a following and others are avoided.