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Food safety training

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Training overview

The food industry has never been under such close scrutiny as at present. Not only are consumers better educated and informed about food related issues, but consumers are also demanding products which are prepared and displayed under strict hygienic conditions, as well as foodstuffs that will be safe to consume and consistent in quality.

Properly documented and established food safety and quality management systems have become essential for brand protection, brand loyalty and good public perception. This practical training will assist companies in the development and implementation of a Food Safety Management system (FSMS) which includes a monitoring programme to identify, avoid and manage risks.

Key takeaways

  • Listeria monocytogenes – What you need to know with practical solutions
  • ISO 22000:2018 – The criteria for a food safety management systems
  • R607 Regulations Relating to the HACCP System: Amendment
  • R638 replaces R962
  • FSSC 22000 Version 4.1 – Are you ready for your first audit?
  • Food safety on transporting foods by road
  • Allergen risk management
  • Keep your company compliant with food legislation

Who should attend?

The executives that will realize the greatest benefit through attendance include Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads & Managers responsible for:

  • Food Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Food Risk Management
  • Quality And Safety Control
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Traceability
  • Labelling
  • Food Technology
Artificial Intelligence

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Training overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. Most AI examples that you hear about today from chess-playing, computers to self-driving cars, rely heavily on deep learning and natural language processing. Using these technologies, computers can be trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognising patterns in the data.

To capitalise on the value automation could bring to your business, you need the ability to appreciate its implications and the confidence to apply it in your teams and organisations.

This programmes addresses challenges and common misconceptions surrounding AI and will equip and encourage you to
embrace AI as part of a transformative toolkit. With a focus on the organisational and managerial implications of these technologies, rather than on their technical aspects, you’ll leave this course armed with the knowledge and confidence you need to pioneer its successful integration in business.

Key takeaways

  • Support informed, strategic decision making and augment business performance by integrating key AI management and leadership insights into the way your organisation operates
  • Transform your organisation into an innovative, efficient, and sustainable business of the future through a practical grounding in AI and its business implications and applications
  • Innovate your leadership with a foundational understanding of how to work with and alongside AI to inform strategic decision making, increased efficiency and  profitability, and improved employee engagement
  • Develop a roadmap for the strategic implementation of AI technologies in a business context
  • Earn a certificate of competency after attending this training and writing a formal test

Who should attend?

  • Test automation engineers
  • Business Managers, strategists, and decision makers
  • Chief Innovation Officers, Innovation Managers, Directors of Innovation
  • Chief Investment Officers/Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Strategic Planners
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Data Analysts and Architects
  • Planning Managers
  • Process and Business Analysts
  • Business Architects, Enterprise and IT Architects
  • Or anyone interested in learning the Business Use of Artificial IntelligenceAcross ALL industries 
Neuroscience through leadership

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Why you cannot miss this conference

Real leadership begins and ends with the brain.  It always has. This Neuro-leadership programme offers you a comprehensive view of leadership. It provides an opportunity to acquire essential neuro skills:  how to apply powerful science based strategies for achieving peak performance for yourself and employees, at all levels of your business.

With access to the latest neuroscience technology we can look inside the brain and show you where reason and emotion part ways, often leading to the collapse of leading companies. You will learn from South African subject matter authorities who work in real neuroscience laboratories and environments and have earned the right to be called experts in the field. All of them have applied their experience to the corporate world successfully straddling two environments: business and the brain.

 Join us on a journey that that begins with brain science to consistently achieve peak performance and create high performance teams.  Be introduced to our technology and tool box, which we believe is leading the continent and in many ways leading the world.

Strategic takeaways

  • How is brain research changing the way leadership and success is viewed
  • How Neuroscience will make you a better Leader
  • How to tap into the limitless potential of the staff you lead
  • Why Neuroscience is the KEY to Innovation in Artificial Intelligence
  • Assessing the HEALTH RISK OF LEADERS through genetic assessments

Expert speaker

Martin Nasser Professor Emeritus & Associate Professor Wharton & Harvard Universities

Dr Denise Bjorkman Chief Executive Officer The Neuro Business Institute

Yavi Madurai Managing Director Black Box Theory

Dr David Rosenstein Co-Founder & Director Neural Sense

Peet Du Toit Professor of Neuroscience & Physiology University of Pretoria

Phillip de Kock Project & Change Manager The Change Lab

Dr Andre Vermeulen Chief Executive Officer Neurolink

Mark Drummond Co-Founder & Director Neural Sense

Dries Prinsloo Partner Omegawave South Africa

Nazira Moosa General Manager Afrizan Personnel

John G I Clarke Consultant Social Worker, Development Facilitator, Writer

Mark Gillman Professor & Neuroscientist

Who should attend?

  • Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • CEOs
  • Directors
  • Heads of Departments
  • General managers
  • Managers and
  • Team Leaders

Across ALL industries



Advanced Financial Modelling

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Training overview

This intensive and highly practical workshop will teach delegates how to design and construct and then effectively use robust financial models, using the unique branded system developed by Gerald Strever, the “Financial Modelling Quadrant system.

The four Quadrants are:

  • Identifying the Drivers of the intrinsic value of the company
  • Model the Financial Statements – Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow
  • Model the Sensitivity of the intrinsic value of the company by flexing the Drivers
  • Simulate the possible variability of the intrinsic value of the company using Monte Carlo Simulation

This is a Research-Based Training Course: the course curriculum has been developed and designed from research with actual industry practitioners and will in just 2 days give you all the tools and techniques needed to move from basic techniques to becoming a “blackbelt” in Financial Modelling. Other courses in the market cover only one Quadrant – the Financial Statements.

All the topics covered will include hands-on exercises and delegates will each receive a free CD-ROM containing all the exercises plus the Excel Add-lns for the Risk Simulation and Sensitivity Exercises, plus a User Defined Function, XMIRR, created by the workshop trainer.

By the end of the course delegates will be able to

  • DISCOVER the most efficient ways in planning, designing, structuring, cross-checking and auditing your financial models
  • CONSTRUCT robust, reliable financial models that are easy to amend and maintain integrity
  • UNDERSTAND advanced techniques and applications in financial modelling
  • LEARN to measure, interpret and predict a company’s performance using advanced Excel financial models
  • IMPROVE decision-making processes with better risk evaluation, sensitivity analysis and scenario modelling
  • SAVE time on the analysis and manipulation of your financial models with keen insights from our expert
  • SOLVE your real-life financial modelling issues and challenges
  • APPLY powerful visualization techniques to deliver maximum impact when presenting your financial models
  • OPTIMIZE financial models to ensure they are easy-to-use and well-documented in accordance with spread-sheet modelling best practices
  • PREPARE financial models to address a variety of financial modelling scenarios

Who should attend? This training is highly recommended for:

  • CFO / Finance Director / Financial Controller / Head of Finance
  • Financial Managers and Analysts
  • Director/Head/Manager of Strategic Planning
  • Director/Head/Manager of Business Development
  • Financial/Equity/Treasury Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project Financiers and Lenders
  • Accountants and Auditors