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Neuroscience in the Workplace

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Training overview

More than 500 listed companies have mandated the use of  ‘wellness’ neuroscience principles in their companies. Why aren’t you? Its not too late to learn new trends for promoting total wellness. Change and enhance the way you deliver on wellness in your organisation. Sensitive governments have legislated in house employee wellness programmes. Cookie cutter approaches no longer work. Add creatively to the current package and contribute to high level performance and well-being: a decision you can and should make. Leading thought leaders contribute to this workshop which is backed by evidence based scientific research.

Psychobabble Disqualifier: The facilitators of this workshop do not participate in the neuro psychobabble that is peddled by unqualified people throughout the globe.  All material offered is grounded in scientific research and sourced from reputable institutions.

From this pioneering workshop you will gain

  •  Understandable neuroscience principles on physical and mental health in the workplace
  • Actionable ideas:  How to add acknowledged and measurable value
  • Workable knowledge of the six drivers of total health and well being
  • Insights into proven ‘brain profile’ assessments (not disproved left and right brain  hemisphere test)
  • Learn the global benchmarks – what in-house Wellness clinic practitioners are doing
  • Discover how to make your Wellness initiatives contribute to overall performance
  • How neuroscience has changed the well being map within organisations globally
  • How to make meaningful contributions to your company in turbulent times and fractious  environments
  • How to rewire the brain and develop whole brain learning and brain fitness
  • How to influence and drive inclusive change

Who should attend?

  • HR practitioners, managers, talent and recruitment
  • Decision makers concerned about mental health and skillsdevelopment for managing in disruptive environments
  • EAP practitioners
  • Wellness Centre heads
  • Managers with high level KPAs
  • Learning and development
  • Policy makers
  • Talent seekers and recruiters
  • Nurses and social workers
3 Day Advanced Financial Modelling

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Training overview

In business, every decision has an impact on the overall performance of the organization. Managers and shareholders need to, therefore, make the best decisions to keep their firms afloat. The best run companies internationally use Financial Modelling to assist them in making the best decisions.

A business model can be understood as a simulation of the financial position of the firm, several years from now. Aspects such as returns on investment (ROI), profitability, costs, revenues, cash flows, and numerous others are reflected by the model. With the information of your firm’s future position at your fingertips, you are more likely to make the best decisions.

Without a Financial Model of your company, everyone has his or her version of the position of the company, now and in the future. Making the right decisions is, as a result, difficult since each stakeholder thinks that he or she is right. With an integrated business model in place, decisions will be made easily and fast since they will be based on information from a single source.

The course curriculum has been developed and designed from research with actual industry practitioners and will, in just 3 days, give you all the tools and techniques needed to move from basic techniques to becoming a “Black Belt” in Financial Modelling. Other courses in the market cover only one Quadrant – the Financial Statements.

By end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Discover the most efficient ways in planning, designing, structuring, cross-checking and auditing your financial models
  • Construct robust, reliable financial models that are easy to amend and maintain integrity
  • Understand advanced techniques and applications in financial modelling
  • Learn to measure, interpret and predict a company’s performance using advanced Excel financial models
  • Improve decision-making process with better risk evaluation, sensitivity analysis and scenario modelling
  • Save time on the analysis and manipulation of your financial models with keen insights from our experts
  • Solve your real-life financial modelling issues and challenges
  • Apply powerful visualization techniques to deliver maximum impact when presenting your financial models 
  • Optimize financial models to ensure they are easy-to-use and well-documented in accordance with spread-sheet modelling best practices
  • Prepare financial models to address a variety of financial modelling scenarios

Who should attend?

This training is highly recommended for:

  • CFO / Finance Director / Financial Controller / Head of Finance
  • Financial Managers and Analysts
  • Director/Head/Manager of Strategic Planning
  • Director/Head/Manager of Business Development
  • Financial/Equity/Treasury Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project Financiers and Lenders
  • Accountants and Auditors
Neuro Selling 2018

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Training Overview

This customized workshop offers easy to understand explanations of customer ‘mind’ functioning. With a wealth of practical exercises, you will take home your own toolkit for use in your unique environment.

Expand your knowledge as sales professionals. Understand how the brain works: yours and our customers – and sell more products and services. The brain is no longer secret or difficult terrain. You can now learn how it operates without being a rocket science – in your field on your terms.

Did you know that 95% of your decisions (and that of your customer) is made in micro seconds by the subconscious mind?  Learn from a reputable neuroscience institute, and reputable facilitator, what pushes the brains ‘buy’ button and give yourself the competitive edge in sales. Know how to handle disruptive markets. Understand the psychology of your buyer.

From this strategic master class you will gain

  • Understanding the “Buyers” and the “Sellers” brain
  • Analysing your brain profile for high performance
  • Understanding what the 5 senses do in selling and how to use them
  • Body language in the sales environment
  • Applying the 7-drive model with the cold call
  • Understanding the “Buyers” and the “Sellers” brain
  • Best practices for motivating self and others
  • Creating your strategic business plan and road map to double your profit

Who should attend?

Sales managers and sales teams, business decision-makers, influencers and strategists involved in getting a product or service to market; anyone wanting to connect with their customer or consumer; anyone needing to increase share of market, share of voice and share of wallet. Marketing executives, directors and strategists; product owners and designers; media, creative, digital, production and communications agencies; media owners; media buyers; board members, partners and executives in any size enterprise.


Business Development of a Health Practice

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Health Institute

This training is endorsed by the Institute for Health Professionals


Training Overview

This talk shares insights into the industry structure as well as the role-players and regulations that need to be considered in the healthcare and related ecosystems. The talk then moves into a presentation on personal, organizational and group dynamics using a number of symbols, logo’s and frameworks to share the human complexity we face as individuals and in groups and what this means when you decide to change and need to make change happen. With a better understanding of human behaviour, we  then look at our personal and business life cycles and learn how to accelerate growth from being an employee, through the self-employment stage and on to becoming a business owner and ultimately an investor. Here we delve into business strategy frameworks and models to guide a conversation where we co-design a business model for a typical health practice.

Organizational impact

 From this strategic master class you will gain:

  • A high level understanding of your role and responsibilities in the health practice
  • A good understanding of what needs to be done to improve practice efficiency and actions to be taken after the workshop
  • A reduction in the burden of administration
  • A solid understanding of practice risk and your role in risk reduction
  • Reduced work load for the practitioner
  • A better working environment and relationships
  • A more profitable practice
  • Better patient interactions, best health outcomes and more satisfied patients

Who should attend?


All health practitioners across all disciplines such as, GPs, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, etc  seeking to improve their current business processes and looking to learn more about the business development opportunities of their health practices. This undertaking in itself drives a need for the development of supporting staff in the roles of practice administration and practice management. This course has been developed and is ideally suited to the teams that run health practices. The overall impact on a practice will be far higher if the entire team has access to the same learning. Running a practice is a team effort and requires shared knowledge and clear goals.